After the storm cleared, so did the racks.

Hey fashionistas!

I hope everyone was safe and well during Hurricane Matthew last week! I decided to go home to ride out the storm, and once it passed I managed to snag a few great finds at Nordstrom Rack.

My Mom and I ran into the store with only 30 minutes to spare before they closed for the night … so, to say we power-shopped is definitely an understatement! haha.

First find is this great anorak from Laundry by Shelli Segal. What I really like about it is that it’s both super cute with the skirt back, yet sophisticated with the overall cut and shape. Also it’s lined with leopard print, so how could you ever go wrong with that? 🙂


Second find is this fantastic floral romper by Parker! I love the fun, bright colors and the beautiful floral pattern. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Parker piece I didn’t like … haha! IMG_7650.jpgIMG_7654.jpg

It’s funny how some things just happen to show up when you least expect it. Ever since I wrote my article on Kendra Scott, I’ve been keeping an eye on some of the earrings I had mentioned. As I was thinking of purchasing a new pair soon, I walked into Nordstrom Rack to find these sitting on a rack in the jewelry department. I thought this couldn’t be anything other than the original price and someone had just returned them, but it was HALF OFF! So, as you can see, my third find was definitely a success (considering these are full price on her website and only featured in gold plating.) IMG_7675.jpg

My last and final find, are these perfectly pink Same Edelmen flats! Ever since I started my internship, I have done nothing but live in my flats. So I was very excited to find this really cute and colorful pair to get me throughout the workday!  IMG_7656.jpg

In total, I saved over $400 with the amazing price cuts given by Nordstrom Rack! Super happy with all of my great finds and can’t wait to see what the future racks bring! haha. 🙂

Stay fashionable,

xo – Britt

But first, brunch.


Hey fashionistas!

A few weeks ago, I officially started my senior year of college!  Ahh … so insane, right? I can’t believe its been 3 years since I started. Time has definitely flown by and I’m going to make sure I can savor every last second I have left! A fellow fashion blogger friend of mine, Nubiana, hosted an awesome Back to School brunch sponsored by Teen Vogue. The resturant, Hamilton’s Kitchen, was located in a beautiful hotel in Winter Park. Everyone was so friendly and I had such a great time. It was a wonderful start to the beginning of what I feel is going to be an exciting semester! 🙂

Stay fashionable,

xo – Britt

Jewelry Love: Kendra Scott.

kendra_scott_portrait4.jpgVia Fashion Week Daily 

The first time I heard of Kendra Scott was when I was traveling abroad in Europe. I was among a group of 20 college students from all around the country. A few of the girls I traveled with were always wearing one of her pieces, so, I decided that when I got back to the states I would look more into her jewelry line. It surprised me that I hadn’t heard of her before, being the accessories freak that I am. However, once I was aware of her brand, I couldn’t stop seeing her pieces everywhere! Kendra Scott started her business in 2002 when she was in her late 20’s and only had $500 to her name. Her story is very inspiring to me for she took initiative and turned her passion into a reality. My favorite accessories are her earrings, which I feel are great statement pieces in and of themselves! They can be both subtle or bold, whichever way you decide to pair them. Usually if I want to go for the bold route, I pair mine with other jewelry pieces such as dainty, layering necklaces so that the earrings can stand out. For the more subtle route, I would pair mine with other statement necklaces I own or large bracelets. Other ways I’ve seen them paired with are long necklaces, such as Kendra’s Rayne necklace. A few of her new earring styles I’m currently lusting over are the Elle Ivory, Black Pearl and Amethyst. I’m a sucker for anything with pearls and I think amethyst are so beautiful. I’ll be looking out for those during sale times! 🙂


Stay fashionable,

xo – Britt

5 Monthly Favorites: July edition.

Hey fashionistas!

I’ve decided to add a new monthly post that showcases my 5 favorite things in fashion, beauty, health, food, and sweet treats.

1.  Making a Statement IMG_6884This month’s fashion favorite is my newest statement piece. I bought it a few months ago at Nordstrom Rack and I haven’t stopped wearing it since! One of my two pink pieces, it has brought a bright new spin on my many outfits. The necklace is by Natasha, and it’s currently on sale online in other beautiful colors!

2.  Bathing in PinkIMG_7091This month’s beauty favorite are bath bomb’s. I bought this one at a local artisan marketplace, however I know they’re a very popular item sold at Lush. I decided to dive into the hype and see what all the craziness is about. Even though I have more time this summer, I still consider bath’s to be a luxury for me. So, I still have yet to try it out, but my friends love and swear by them! So we’ll see! 🙂

3.  Surrounded by Nature

I’ll be the first to admit my workout schedule has not been very consistent this summer. However, I’m excited to say that that is about to change! While driving around the other day, I found a really great area to go for a run and it leads right to a local park. I’ve never been a fan of gyms, for if I’m going to go for a walk or a run, I’d rather be surrounded by nature. I feel I’d be able to enjoy myself more by breathing in some fresh air rather than the smell of subway and sweat (& it would be a healthy end to my day considering I’m sitting at a cubicle for hours at a time).

4.  Morning Pick-me Up 

This month’s food favorite is my newest morning routine: smoothies! I’m not a huge coffee fan (although, I try — I really do!) it just doesn’t work for me. So, I found another alternative for a little morning pick-me up! I make strawberry banana smoothies with greek yogurt, flax seed oil, and silk almond milk. It’s very delicious and I’m going to try to expand my taste buds by adding different fruits and (possibly) veggies. Haha!

5.  Cupcake ATM’s

IMG_7204This month’s sweet treat favorite are Sprinkle’s cupcakes. I was out celebrating two of my good friend’s 21st birthday’s at Disney Springs, and I just had to try the famous cupcake ATM. I thought it was an awesome idea (especially when I was able to purchase mine at 1am — wandering around after last call and all the stores were closing their doors). I saved it till I arrived home the next day and it still tasted just as fresh! I highly recommend visiting one if you have a Sprinkles location near you. 🙂

Stay fashionable,

xo – Britt

Coffee table talks: Career and Life Current Reads.


As the summer has officially started, so have my internships! I’ve been given the opportunity to work at two public relations firms and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m hoping these experiences will solidify my interests in public relations (PR) and be able to see if it’s the right career path for me. As I’m going through these experiences this summer, I have found two books to help guide me along in the process.

‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie was mentioned to me during a guest lecture in my public relations class. The guest speaker said that this book helped him tremendously in his life and his career. Another student in my class stated that they had started to read this book, and I had also read an article on PR Daily that had also suggested this book. So, I immediately knew I had to see what it was all about. At first glance, the 260 page book peeked my interest. After the preface and introduction, Mr. Carnegie wrote a section called ‘Nine Suggestions To Get The Most Out Of This Book.’ What intrigued me about this was that some of his suggestions were to read the chapters not once but twice, underline/highlight anything you find you can use in your daily life, and to constantly try to find an opportunity to use the principles he gives at the end of every chapter whenever you can. I find it so intriguing to see how his advice has been so impactful and that it is still so influential today, being referenced 80 years later!

‘Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.’ by Aliza Licht has been referenced on every web search I’ve done involving the words “fashion” and “PR”. Being that fashion PR is something I’m very interested in pursuing, I thought I’d give this book a try. So far I’ve been enjoying it! It’s Aliza’s story on how she changed her mind from pursuing a medical degree and a career in plastic surgery to fashion public relations! Her work as @DKNYPRGIRL helped take public relations to a whole new level on social media. She states this book is her way of “grabbing coffee” and being able to mentor those who are interested in the industry by giving insider tips and tricks. Her advice also encompasses information that you can apply to any industry!  Whether you’re pursuing the same job you’ve had for years, or you’re thinking of making a change and starting something new.

I’m excited to dive more into these books and gain valuable take-aways from each author! I’ll update a review once I finish each book and state my thoughts on how I feel it has helped me this summer and for my future career!

Stay fashionable,

xo – Britt

White, Grey & Glitter Galore.

Hey fashionistas!

So far this month has been jam-packed — papers, exams, and school events. I decided to take a break last week and went to one of my favorite shopping spots — TJMAXX.

During this visit, I wasn’t on a mission to find anything specific, just to browse. However, I ended up finding these super cute tanks! I’ve been looking for more simple shirts, so these were perfect! They’re by a company called Tresics, made in Cambodia. They have a ton of different colors and styles. I felt these fit me the best and I love how part of the back is see-through (as you can see). I feel it gives the tanks a fun edge! 🙂 I scored both of these for only $9.99 each! So it was a really great deal! 🙂



Jean shorts: Bloomingdales sale rack

Troopa combat boots: Steve Madden

Headphones: FRENDS

Statement necklace: J.Crew Factory

Another new find I discovered were these Ked X kate spade new york beauties! I’ve had my eyes on them for a while, and when a sale at Lord and Taylor brought them into my life — I couldn’t resist! I was instantley hooked when I started seeing so many fashion bloggers posting pictures on Instagram about them! I had originally seen the gold, yet when I saw them in this color (even though — hilariously enough — these are the “wedding shoes” for brides) I fell in love with them the best for they’re very neutral and add a little glitter wherever you go!  🙂


I can’t wait to pair these great new finds together and create a bunch of cute outfits! It’s crazy how fast this month is already flying by! I’m excited for my sorority formal tomorrow and for a Universal Studios night on Sunday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

Stay fashionable,

xo – Britt

March Madness.


Hey fashionistas!

This month has been insanely busy — Spring Break, school work, sorority, & internship hunting galore! Definitely march madness, I tell you 😛 (yeah and you thought I meant that whole basketball craziness … yeah right haha!)

I just finished writing a huge research paper, so I’m giving myself a little time to take a break before I jump right back in to more school work. 🙂

I had a really nice, relaxing Spring Break! I saw all of my friends from back home, went to the beach, and of course went shopping! Got a few new shirts, a pair of jeans and a cute rose-quartz sweatshirt (from the Forever 21 Men’s Departmentshhh.) 🙂 I also read Lady Midnight (which is now one of my favorite books!) It’s Cassandra Clare’s latest installment in her newest trilogy ‘The Dark Artifices’. It continues with some of the characters from her ‘The Mortal Instrument’ series (which I posted a review of in my Current Reads page). I read all 700 pages in about a day and 1/2. haha. Needless to say I loved every second of it and am so bummed that I have to wait a year for the next one to come out!


In other news, it’s crazy how fast this semester is flying by! I’ve always felt like Spring semester goes by so much faster than Fall. It’s super scary, exciting and nerve-racking to think that I’ll be going into my senior year! They aren’t kidding when they say how fast your time in college goes! I’m excited for what lies up ahead but I still have so much to do beforehand! 😛 I’m thrilled to be interning this summer and getting a feel for the Public Relations industry! I’ve also had some thoughts on possibly going to Law School … but that’s still a very new idea haha … nothing definite yet! 🙂

I have some sorority events to look forward to like sisterhood retreat and formal in the next month so that’ll be fun! There are also some student events at school which I’m hoping to go to as well! The most recent event that I’m very eager to try is a self-defense class I signed myself up for tomorrow! 🙂 Trying to keep myself as busy and involved as I possibly can! 🙂

Hope you’re having a great month and if you are into the whole March Madness thing — that your teams are doing well and that they’ll advance onto the championship!

Stay fashionable,

xo – Britt