5 Monthly Favorites: May Edition.

5 Monthly Favorites Blog Header - May.pngHey shoppers!

This post showcases my 5 favorite things in fashion, beauty, health, food, and sweet treats for the month of May.

1.  Out Of This World!IMG_9634.JPGThis month’s fashion favorite is my new pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer’s. Part of the Cosmo collection — they’re pretty out of this world! I have been needing a new pair of Ray-ban’s ever since I unfortunately lost my other pair a while back. When I saw these on sale on HauteLook — I knew I had to try them! At first, I was a bit hesitant if they would go with a lot, considering they’re an iridescent mix of purple and blue — which is a far cry from my last pair of plain black. However, I was pleasantly surprised and fell in love with them! I’ve gotten a ton of compliments and feel like I’m looking out into a whole new universe. 😉

2.  Chubby LipsSAM_0237.JPGThis month’s beauty favorite is Clinique’s ‘Chubby Stick’ Moisturizing Lip Color Balm.  I’ll be the first to say I’ve never been a huge fan of make-up — especially anything that takes more than 10 minutes to do (a.k.a. contouring) or leaves me feeling disheveled (such as lip-gloss). Lets face it, I’ve just started wearing mascara everyday and putting more than just concealer on my face. However, I recently came across Clinique’s Chubby Stick’s and they are AMAZING! They’re moisturizing, stay on for quite a while, and come in all kinds of great shades! I definitely suggest checking them out next time you’re at the mall.

3.  Do You Even Lift?

This past semester I finally started to get serious about my fitness goals. I haven’t been in the best place (confidence or self-esteem wise) and it definitely had a lot to do with how I felt about my weight. Now having officially graduated from college — still crazy to think about — I’m now at the gym everyday (if not every other day)! I’ve been eating healthier, cutting out a lot that I used to eat: not as much bread, no fast food, less chocolate — although still can’t get away from it completely — haha. I’m nowhere near my goal but am proud that I’ve started heading in the right direction! I’m feeling a lot better about myself and am hoping in the next few months I can say I’m a lot closer to where I want to be! I’ve been doing weights for 30 minutes and then 30 minutes of cardio to end my session!

4.  Hey, Skinny!  

This month’s food favorite is more of a snack, but it is definitely one of my new favorite things! Hi, I’m Skinny is a grain based snack packed with whole grains & has less than 140 calories per serving! Say what!? The two I’ve tried are Superfood Mean & Green — which has kale, spinach, and peas — and Sweet Potato! They’re both great and easy for work, school, and just any time you’re feeling a little hungry and want something to munch on (without having to feel guilty!) So far the Sweet Potato are my favorite, but can’t wait to try them all!

5.  Chillin’ in the Arctic  SAM_0212.JPGThis month’s sweet treat favorite is Arctic Zero’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream.  As I’ve been starting my new health craze, I knew I had to find a dessert that could satisfy my sweet tooth without sacrificing all of my hard work. Well, look no further! This company (as well as the other similar & popular Halo Top) have brought us an eat-the-entire-pint-without-feeling-guilty mentality! With each flavor having different calories per serving, most are between 35 – 75 calories for 1/2 a cup and 150 – 300 calories for the whole pint! If you think about it, that’s basically 13 pieces of kitkat bites (which are my weakness!) at around 302 calories. Talk about a no brainer the next time I’m reaching for a sweet treat! 🙂

Stay curious,

xo – Britt


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