5 Monthly Favorites: July edition.

5 Monthly Favorites Blog Header - July.pngHey shoppers!

I’ve decided to add a new monthly post that showcases my 5 favorite things in fashion, beauty, health, food, and sweet treats.

1.  Making a StatementIMG_6884This month’s fashion favorite is my newest statement piece. I bought it a few months ago at Nordstrom Rack and I haven’t stopped wearing it since! One of my two pink pieces, it has brought a bright new spin on my many outfits. The necklace is by Natasha, and it’s currently on sale online in other beautiful colors!

2.  Bathing in PinkIMG_7091This month’s beauty favorite are bath bomb’s. I bought this one at a local artisan marketplace, however I know they’re a very popular item sold at Lush. I decided to dive into the hype and see what all the craziness is about. Even though I have more time this summer, I still consider bath’s to be a luxury for me. So, I still have yet to try it out, but my friends love and swear by them! So we’ll see! 🙂

3.  Surrounded by Nature

I’ll be the first to admit my workout schedule has not been very consistent this summer. However, I’m excited to say that that is about to change! While driving around the other day, I found a really great area to go for a run and it leads right to a local park. I’ve never been a fan of gyms, for if I’m going to go for a walk or a run, I’d rather be surrounded by nature. I feel I’d be able to enjoy myself more by breathing in some fresh air rather than the smell of subway and sweat (& it would be a healthy end to my day considering I’m sitting at a cubicle for hours at a time).

4.  Morning Pick-me Up 

This month’s food favorite is my newest morning routine: smoothies! I’m not a huge coffee fan (although, I try — I really do!) it just doesn’t work for me. So, I found another alternative for a little morning pick-me up! I make strawberry banana smoothies with greek yogurt, flax seed oil, and silk almond milk. It’s very delicious and I’m going to try to expand my taste buds by adding different fruits and (possibly) veggies. Haha!

5.  Cupcake ATM’s

IMG_7204This month’s sweet treat favorite are Sprinkle’s cupcakes. I was out celebrating two of my good friend’s 21st birthday’s at Disney Springs, and I just had to try the famous cupcake ATM. I thought it was an awesome idea (especially when I was able to purchase mine at 1am — wandering around after last call and all the stores were closing their doors). I saved it till I arrived home the next day and it still tasted just as fresh! I highly recommend visiting one if you have a Sprinkles location near you. 🙂

Stay fashionable,

xo – Britt


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