Spring-ing into color.

As the spring season is officially in full swing, so is fashion week! They’re just finishing up in Milan then moving on to Paris, having previously been in London and New York earlier this month. As the collections for the fall/winter seasons are being showcased, I wanted to take a step back and go over the color trends for this season — so you can get in on the action during your next shopping trip!

The colors for this spring are super bright and fun! They’re definitely colors that can be transitioned into the next season as well. The cool thing about this season’s list is that over half (Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, Limpet Shell, Lilac Gray, and Iced Coffee) are new hues created by Pantone last August.


Rose Quartz ~ Gentle, compassionate, composed, reflective, lighthearted


Serenity ~ Calming, trusting, dependable


Iced Coffee ~ Earthy, soft, subtle, stable


Limpet Shell ~ Clear, clean, defined, fresh, crisp, modern


Lilac Gray ~ Neutral yet edgy


Buttercup ~ Happy, sunny


Fiesta ~ Excitement, free-spirited


Snorkel Blue ~ Relaxing, escapism


Peach Echo ~ Friendly, warm, accessible


Green Flash ~ Unique, openness, unexpectedness


(photos via pinterest)

My favorite colors would have to be Rose Quartz, Serenity, and Lilac Gray! How about you? Which color(s) are you most looking forward to adding to your wardrobe?

Stay fashionable,

xo – Britt


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