What’s Grey, White, and Leopard all over?

Some of the new additions to my wardrobe, of course! 🙂


My personal shopper (a.k.a. my AMAZING mother) found these awesome items for me at the LF store sale! (which is going on NOW — you still have a few weeks to check their stuff out!)

Usually, I would never walk into their store because their princes are OUTRAGEOUS! Like one of my tanks (pictured above) started at $60! Crazy, right!? Now it has been marked down to around $15-$20 which is much more reasonable! I noticed my closet was a little bare in terms of plain, neutral t-shirts + tanks so I’m really glad she found those for me!

As for the kimono, is one of my favorite pieces she picked out! It’s very elegant and can help to spice up any outfit! 🙂 I love the creme color because it’s something I don’t own a lot of so it’s a nice neutral color!

I decided to wear one of my new shirts today & I love it — it looks so great with the pieces I own in my closet & it’s super comfortable!


Grey tank – LF store sale

High-waisted shorts – Nordstrom BP

Leopard belt – J.Crew Factory

Leopard + black Sperry’s – Haute Look

Statement necklace – TJMAXX

When visiting my parents this weekend, my mother & I happened to find ourselves wandering into a TJMAXX store & we couldn’t bare to leave empty handed! She spotted these ABORABLE Leopard print sandals from Steve Madden for $20! How insane of a deal is that!? They happened to be just my size so I was beyond thrilled! I would have worn them with my outfit today, however, they aren’t the most comfortable – walking – all – day – around – school – shoes. They’re more of a – I’m – going – to – study – with – my – friends – or – hang – out – at – the – mall – for – an – hour – or – so. Regardless, I think they’re awesome & are one of my first pairs of actual sandals! (since I NEVER wear sandals!) I can’t wait to show you how I style them! 🙂


I also happened to get a few other things such as a black fringe tshirt, a few other plain white + grey tanks, & a great new accessory which I’m ordering in a few days! I can’t wait to show you what it is (*hint* it has been featured on my blog in the past few posts & I called it a wishlist item! It’s also an early birthday present for myself!) 😀

Stay fashionable!

xo – Britt


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