Bucket List: Meet Sarah Jessica Parker … ✓

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I can’t believe it. I met Sarah Jessica Parker. SARAH. JESSICA. effing PARKER.  … what!!! haha

Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d get the opportunity to meet one of my fashion inspirations.  🙂

This year, Sarah Jessica has come out with her beautiful new shoe collection, SJP.  She has been on a Whistle-Stop Tour for the past week, & I happened to catch her at her stop in Miami. 🙂 My Mom heard about her personal apperance online from Nordstrom (where her collection is being sold) & we took a ride over to Aventura mall.

We arrived at 11:30 & it was already packed. We bought a pair of her leopard Wallace shoes (only to have to return them later because they ended up being the wrong size.)

I then stood infront of the escalator to catch a glimpse of her as she arrived to her event (because at this point the line was ridiculously long & we weren’t sure if we’d be able to meet her.)

IMG_3899 IMG_3902

I personally thought she looked so cute! I absolutely LOVED her ‘Carrie’ heels in black. If I wasn’t in college & worked in a professional setting, I would have bought those for sure!

After waiting in the line for an hour, my Mom & I finally met her! She couldn’t have been nicer! I took a video but it’s hard to hear over the crowd of women haha.  We were allowed to get something signed, whether it be her shoes, the box her shoes came in, or a tag with her logo on it. I chose to have her sign the logo since I knew the shoes were going to have to go back.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Hi, I’m Sarah Jessica.

Me: Hi. It’s so great to meet you! You’re such a fashion inspiration to me.

SJP: You’re so gorgeous, I love your outfit! What’s on your head?

Me: It’s a headband.

SJP: Oh, it’s great!  You’re so cute. Tell me your name?

Me:  It’s Brittany. [I spelled it out for her] You’re such an inspiration to me, I love everything you do!

SJP: Thank you, thank you so much for being so patient & nice.

Me: For sure, of course. [I mean hello — I’ll wait as long as I have to to meet you haha]

SJP: Did you get shoes today? Which ones?

Me: Yes I did. I got the leopard print ones …

SJP: Oh the Wallace ones!

Me: Yes!

SJP: Oh super cool. Awe thank you so much. Thank you Brittany, very nice to meet you! You’re so great. [shakes my hand]


Then my Mom goes up to talk to her & she calls me back over once she finds out I’m her daughter, haha. Then she waves goodbye & thanks us again for coming.

Here’s the tag she signed for me. I can’t wait to frame it haha.


I’m so happy to have had this amazing & fun experience!

If you haven’t checked out her collection, I definitely recommend you do! Here’s a promo video she has done for her shoe collection which is only being sold exclusively at Nordstrom! 🙂

xo – Britt


4 thoughts on “Bucket List: Meet Sarah Jessica Parker … ✓

  1. Nice post on your SJP experience Brittany! You got great shots of her on the escalator! I liked her Miami outfit too! It looked like something Carrie would wear! Keep up the good work! Best wishes one from fashion blogger to another! 😊

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