Spring Break is here! :)

Hey shoppers!,

Spring Break has officially arrived & I’m so glad to be home for a week. 🙂 I’ve already scored some great pieces (swimsuits from Target, an outfit + picture frame from TJMAXX, & I ordered a few new pairs of combat boots because they were on sale)!

IMG_3840 IMG_3841IMG_3842IMG_3844

Also, I have some really exciting news (besides going to Europe for the summer — that’s pretty big! haha):

If you’ve been following me since the beginning, I have been a part of this leadership group at my university for the past year. A few days ago, I had an interview to be considered for a position on my leadership group’s Executive group! (The group I’m in now has been a stepping stone towards becoming a member on the Executive board.)

So … I got a call yesterday & I’VE BEEN SELECTED FOR THE POSITION! 🙂 I’m now officially KoRT’s newest Advertising/PR Executive Board member! I’m so excited for all the opportunities this will bring me & for what the rest of this year will bring!

Hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend & Happy March 1st! 😀

xo – Britt


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