Statements & Plaid: Nordstrom Rack score.

While I was waiting for my ride back to school to get to our meeting place, I happened to do a little damage at my local Nordstrom Rack. Just like TJMAXX, I feel it’s also a “hit or miss” type store. However, it seems as my father keeps telling me …

“Don’t try to look for something. The best things come to you when you’re not looking for them.”

And to be honest, that describes this weekends luck perfectly … or it’s just that the fashion Gods have been helping me out 😛 ! Either way, I’ve been able to find some great items! 🙂

IMG_3299IMG_3305 IMG_3307

Plaid PJ shorts – DKNY

Purple Floral Statement Necklace – Free Press Jewelry

Blue + Green Floral Statement Necklace – Nordstrom

I’ve been in dire need of some more PJ shorts, haha! So when I saw these — I thought I’d give them a try. They’re super cute & super comfortable! (*plus they have pockets* — SCORE! 😛 )

As for the statement necklaces … I seriously need to start going to SA (Shopaholics Anonymous) meetings. 😛 I cannot walk into a store without stopping to take a look at their jewelry section (it’s actually the first place I go to!) I saw the purple floral necklace first & really fell in love with it! It’s simple + sweet & it’s my favorite color! The blue + green floral necklace my Mom spotted & we both loved it! You can never go wrong with either of those colors … especially when they’re put together!!! 🙂

I’m happy I got take a peek because you never know what deals you’ll find!

xo – Britt


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