Sample Sales: Round 2.

Today, my Mom & I went to Karina Grimaldi’s second sample sale of the year! 🙂 We left the house around 9:30 & got there in about an hour. We were the first ones to arrive & they allowed us in early! 🙂 We got first dibs on everything — we literally felt like kids in a candy store! haha. It was so much fun 😀 IMG_2416IMG_2425 My Mom scored a few tops + a dress & I picked up a super cute romper! 🙂 IMG_2442I can’t wait to show it off! 🙂 It looks great with both my boots & my new heels! (which I bought on sale!) 😀 I’m definitely going to wear it with some gold jewelry (have to find more layering pieces to go with my gold ‘Rock n Roll’ necklace (it’s the same as the silver one I got for my birthday!)

This piece will especially come in handy for when I (finally) join a sorority (Spring can’t come any faster!) haha.

xo – Britt


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