I’ve got a bad reputation.

I’m excited to share the news that one of my music idols, Joan Jett (who I had the pleasure of meeting, by the way) is back with a new album! It’s called ‘Unvarnished’ & I suggest you check it out! 🙂


I’m sure you’re wondering how I even got interested in Joan & how I had the opportunity to meet her!? Well, here’s my story:

I’ve been listening to “oldies” (to me anyway) for a long time, since my Dad would always play them on the radio. However, it wasn’t until one incident that led me to Joan & my now-obsession with her music. When I was obsessed with Twilight, I used to follow this blog that posted updates about the actors & other movie roles they were in, etc. One day, I saw that  Kristen Stewart was rumored to play ‘Joan Jett’ in the-then upcoming movie ‘The Runaways.’ After I saw that I thought to myself, “‘Joan Jett’ — that name sounds so familiar!” However, the bell didn’t go off in my head until after I played the song ‘I Love Rock n’ Roll’. I was immediately hooked & have been ever since (this was around 4 years ago I might add!) So, when I started listening to more of her songs & researching/finding out more about her … my style just seemed to change all together. (which now is why you know I’m so into ‘edgy/rocker/spiked’ everything!!!) 🙂 Also, when people ask ‘who she is’ or think ‘how would she ever know who she is!?’ It just comes to show that even though I haven’t listened to her & or known about her longer than others, she has influenced me just as much as she has them! 🙂 I had the most amazing experience (3 years ago this December 18th) that I had the opportunity for my 16th birthday (a month prior to December) to go see Joan Jett in concert & … MEET HER! It was SOOO SUREAL! I just wish I could have that experience again … it was really ONCE IN A LIFETIME! 🙂 I don’t think anything will ever top off that birthday because it was also the first time I got to ride in a LIMO! 😛 It was just a great night! ❤


I also have a video of the moment I met her! 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwYZ3fJjVgA

xo – Britt


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