Making new Statements.

As I was unpacking on Friday from moving dorms, I took out my jewelry bin & saw a very sad sight. My oldest statement necklace had finally taken it’s toll. The chain that attached one of the ends had snapped off & I couldn’t find the hooks to try & attach it again. So, as you can imagine, I was very upset by this. It was one of my favorite necklaces — lasted me almost 4 years (which is pretty great considering it was from Forever 21.)

Before my parent’s left to go back home that night, we went out to go get a bite to eat. At the area we were in, I happened to see a store that every girl I know raves about. It’s called ‘Stalhi’ & I’m not kidding you when I say this is the place where my wallet will meet its demise … haha. It’s literally a fashion wonderland (a ton of statement necklaces, bracelets, rings, & really cute clothes!) It’s a real hot spot for sorority girls (& UCF students, of course!)


I went in with the notion of just looking around, but my Mom & I ended up splurging … a lot. I will say the necklaces aren’t as cheap as people say they are (they’re around the same price range as Francessca’s) However, I feel they have a  much better quality & style than other stores I’ve been into. The price range is really all over the place, but most of the necklaces are either $15, $25, or $30. (On each tag it will say on the back you can get 2 for $X)

Here are my new pieces that will be making huge Statements 🙂

IMG_0093IMG_0129This is the first necklace I layed eyes on — so gorgeous in person! The picture doesn’t do it justice at all. It’s gold with opal – looking stones.

IMG_0135This is the second piece I saw — very very fancy! It will literally dress up anything you’re wearing! I find it very nautical looking which I think is really cool 🙂

IMG_0137IMG_0130This is the third piece I saw. I’m usually not attracted to anything red & or orange, but something about this neckalce just made me not want to pass it up. I’m so happy I bought it because it’s very fun & different! It’s not to fancy so it’s very easy to wear with a graphic tee, & it adds a cool pop of color!

IMG_0138This was the fourth piece I saw. It’s almost like the blue except with the blue, you can see more gold than with this one. I love this necklace because it’s such a great piece for fall! It looks great with black, white, grey, etc. 🙂

IMG_0140The funny thing with this piece was that I wasn’t even planning on getting it until I was at check out. There were a few of these in the store in different colors & I had tried a few on for fun. I thought they were a little to crazy for me. Yet, when I saw this one, I thought why not? So I tried it on & it looked so adorable! I really couldn’t pass it up. 🙂 It’s one of those pieces that is so crazy, it makes your outfit really stand out! 🙂


So if you’re ever in the Orlando area, I would definently recommened that you visit ‘Stalhi’s Boutique’ while you’re here! 🙂

xo – Britt


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