Sample Sales.

Hey shoppers!

As you saw in my ‘Who Doesn’t Love A Sale?‘ post, I wrote about some of the great finds + deals I’ve found in the past few weeks.

Today, I’d still like to talk about sales, however, I want to talk about sample sales.

The concept of sample sales are basically for companies & designers who want to either get rid of their older items/designs or they want to try and see what new items/designs they can sell.

Last Friday, I went with my Mom &  my Aunt T (family friend) to a sample sale for Karina Grimaldi. Her clothes were amazing & it was so much fun (especially since it was my first sample sale event!) I have to say, the coolest part was the fact that we actually got to meet her!


That’s Karina at her desk!



Here are a few of her show room items!


These are two of the pieces I bought. The Cheetah print blouse is one of Karina’s pieces & the second one happens to be a Parker dress! (it somehow slipped into her sample pieces — crazy, right!? I was shocked because who would have thought a Parker dress would be tucked away in sample sale items?!) It was a great find! 😀

As you can see, I love sales & all the surprises they have in store! 🙂 My dream sample sales would be to go to a Rebecca Minkoff sale & a Wildfox sample sale.

xo – Britt


4 thoughts on “Sample Sales.

    1. It was a lot of fun! (we were literally the first to get there so we got to snag a lot of the good stuff ;P) & again thank you! I would try looking it up! I’m sure it’s on sale somewhere (it’s by Parker) He has AMAZING pieces so I’d for sure look out for his clothing next time you go shopping (on sale, of course — he can empty your wallet very quickly full price) 😛

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